Chicago Language Symposium

Mont Ventoux, France. Jean-Marc Rosier
Mont Ventoux, France. Jean-Marc Rosier


The Council on Language Instruction and the Multimedia Learning Center at Northwestern University together with the Center for the Study of Languages (University of Chicago), the Sandy Port Errant Language and Culture Learning Center (UIC) and the Department of Modern Languages at DePaul University, invite you to participate in the Chicago Language Symposium 2017.

This symposium will explore The Role of Assessment in Language Teaching”

Keynote speaker: Dr. Erwin Tschirner | Professor of German at the Universiy of Leipzig

Pre-Symposium Lecture by Dr. Erwin Tschirner:  ACTFL and the CEFR: Where Shall the Twain Meet (Friday, April 21 at 3:00-5:00 in McCormick Foundation Center:  Rm 3127)

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Two Lectures by Dr. Erwin Tschirner:  Flyer

The focus of this symposium is assessment and goal oriented language instruction. Topics may include:

  • Learning portfolios
  • Backwards design
  • Project-based instruction
  • Incorporating ACTFL and CEFR scales
  • AP testing and instruction
  • Business Certification in foreign languages
  • The use and development of assessment rubrics
  • Developing and reviewing curriculum
  • World-Readiness Standards for learning languages – 5 Cs

Language instructors at all levels are invited to submit proposals; all languages are welcome.
CPDUs are available for Chicago Public School teachers.

Click here to submit your proposal. Proposal submission extended deadline: February 15, 2017. (Closed)